FEC To Investigate $1.3M In Questionable Trump Campaign Contributions

The FEC says roughly 1,100 donations to Donald Trump's campaign were from unregistered donors or exceeded the legal limit.
FEC To Investigate $1.3M In Questionable Trump Campaign Contributions

Some Donald Trump donors may be getting their money back. 

The Federal Election Commission sent the president-elect a letter asking the campaign to double-check its books. The commission found around 1,100 questionable donations that added up to roughly $1.3 million. 

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Previous presidential candidates have had this same problem.

It happens when individual donors go over the commission's $2,700 limit on campaign contributions, or when a group or business hasn't been registered to donate to a campaign. 

Bernie Sanders received several commission warnings during his Democratic primary campaign, including a 639-page letter outlining 1,500 donors who exceeded the limit. 

Trump has 60 days to refund any improper or excessive donation mentioned in the letter. Otherwise, his campaign will face an audit or other form of legal action. 

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