Far-Right British Political Group Conducts 'Christian Patrol'

The tense video has gone viral on Facebook.
Far-Right British Political Group Conducts 'Christian Patrol'

Far-right British political group Britain First marched into predominantly Muslim Bury Park, Luton, to carry out a "Christian patrol." (Video via Britain First)

"This is a Christian country. I'm British, these activists are British, so we will walk through these streets. We have every right to," Britain First activist Jayda Fransen said.

They called this video "a shocking look into the Islamisation of our beloved country."

"Reject the false prophet, Muhammad, and follow the true savior of the world," an activist said.

Others said it was "intimidating" and "inflaming tensions."

The video has more than 17 million views on Facebook.

"We don't want any more mosques in the U.K." said a Britain First activist.

The group is against mass immigration and wants to "restore Christianity" in Britain.

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