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Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation is unclear as we head into a new presidency.

Facebook To Help Bring Internet Access To Sub-Saharan Africa

In its quest to provide Internet access to all, Facebook has partnered with satellite company Eutelsat to give access to Sub-Saharan Africa.
Facebook To Help Bring Internet Access To Sub-Saharan Africa

Facebook has taken another step forward in its goal to provide Internet to the world. The company's now partnering with French satellite company Eutelsat to give access to large parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. (Video via and Eutelsat)

According to a press release, the companies will be using Spacecom's new AMOS-6 satellite, which is set for launch at the end of this year. (Video via Amos-Spacecom)

Facebook and Eutelsat say the satellite's capacity is well-suited for Internet access via "affordable, off-the-shelf customer equipment."

In the past, Facebook has worked mostly with mobile operators, such as Nokia and Samsung, to bring Internet access to the masses. (Video via Nokia and Samsung)

But Facebook's new partnership with the Paris-based company makes sense. Eutelsat reportedly has 39 satellites already at its disposal. 

Yet, to make the venture possible, the two companies are reportedly buying the entire broadband capacity of the new AMOS-6 satellite. Facebook and Eutelsat's service is scheduled to begin at the end of next year.  (Video via

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