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Denmark Is The Happiest Country In The World, New Report Says

Denmark took the top spot on this year's World Happiness Report.
Denmark Is The Happiest Country In The World, New Report Says

According to a new report, Danes take happiness to another level.  

In this year's World Happiness Report, Denmark took the top spot from Switzerland, which was bumped to No. 2 on the list. 

But there isn't a wide margin among countries that ranked the highest. Iceland, Norway and Finland round out the top five.

The researchers used six components to measure happiness: the country's gross domestic product, social support, life expectancy, freedom, generosity, and perceptions of corruption within the country. 

Interestingly enough, countries can make up for major financial rough patches and still rank high in happiness. Iceland and Ireland went through banking disasters, and both countries ranked relatively high on the list — No. 3 and No. 19, respectively. 

Of the 157 countries looked at in the survey, Burundi was ranked at the very bottom of the list, just below Syria and Togo.

The United States is ranked 13th.