Dad Takes Teen's Belongings Hostage After Cell Phone Bill

A dad's decision to make his daughter earn back her possessions after she racked up a hefty cell phone bill has gone viral.
Dad Takes Teen's Belongings Hostage After Cell Phone Bill

As far as "life lessons" go, we think this one is pretty good. A Virginia dad has taken his daughter's possessions hostage after a recent cell phone bill came in at $541.36.

Jared Cramer's 13-year-old daughter Julia racked up the bill by frequently posting to Instagram. And now, her belongings are on lockdown. (Video via WWBT)

"She thought after I got that bill that it was going to be a slap on the wrist, don't let it happen again type thing," Cramer told WWBT.

Cramer has set up a chore system for Julia to earn back individual items. He says his plan is working. 

Based on reaction to the story on Facebook, other parents are proud of this dad. 

One person wrote, "Bravo to this dad! Well done!"

Another said, "Good for this daddy! ... She will respect him so much for teaching her this lesson for sure!"

Julia does have the necessities like soap and a toothbrush, but everything else will be earned back the hard way. Talk about a labor of love.

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