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Clemson Suspends Fraternity Activities After Pledge Dies

After a pledge member's death, South Carolina's Clemson University is suspending activities among its 24 fraternities.
Clemson Suspends Fraternity Activities After Pledge Dies

South Carolina's Clemson University is suspending social and new-member activities among its 24 fraternities after "several recent reports of violations of the law or student conduct code."

The suspension comes after the death of a 19-year-old fraternity pledge, who reportedly died while on a "group activity run" with the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. NBC reports the student fell from a bridge and "sustained a head injury consistent with a fall of 20 to 23 feet."

Despite the university's move to suspend certain fraternity activities, it's important to note police have not yet linked the student's death to hazing. 

USA Today quotes Sigma Phi Epsilon's chief executive, who said, "SigEp has a zero tolerance policy regarding hazing and is currently investigating these claims."

The local sheriff's department says the investigation is ongoing, as police continue to work with Clemson University and Sigma Phi Epsilon. South Carolina outlet Greenville Online reports the sheriff's office has said no further information will be released until the investigation is completed. (Video via Clemson University)

Media outlets have been quick to point out the university's decision to suspend fraternity activities, despite officials insisting no link has been found as of yet between the student's death and hazing activities.

According to anti-hazing group StopHazing, more than half of college students in a club, team or organization experience hazing during their college career.

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