Christmas Slackers, Get That Free Shipping Today!

It's Free Shipping Day! For anyone who still needs a gift, but doesn't want to get out of their pajama pants — companies are offering free shipping.
Christmas Slackers, Get That Free Shipping Today!

If you're still holiday shopping online, you've officially waited until the last minute. 

But don't fear — you have one day left to get those presents to your friends and family on time. 

And more than 1,000 retailers are gonna entice you to do it online with free shipping. 

A lot of retailers offer free shipping throughout the year — like Target does for its Red Card customers — but the special thing about Friday is there's no minimum purchase required for many of these websites. (Video via Target

Target included. Plus, other big names like Harry & DavidBass ProZales and Wal-Mart

J.C. Penney's website says you have to spend more than $49 to get free shipping, but if you enter the code "SHIPDAY," it's free for amounts below that as well. 

To check out all the free shipping sites, and finally buckle down and order those gifts, visit

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