Chipotle Ventures Into The Pizza Industry

The Mexican grill announced it launched a fast, casual pizza restaurant called Pizzeria Locale in Denver.
Chipotle Ventures Into The Pizza Industry

​Restaurant giant Chipotle is looking to get even bigger by taking on the world of pizza.

The Mexican grill announced it has launched a fast, casual pizza restaurant called Pizzeria Locale in Denver, using what The Wall Street Journal calls its wildly successful format. (Via YouTube / Pizzeria Locale)

"You move down the line, you pick your ingredients, you see everything being made. Ingredients are higher quality than they would be at the fast food joint next door, and the price is still fairly low. It's that formula." (Via The Wall Street Journal)

So, thin-crust pizzas with high-quality ingredients that are ready in two minutes? Sounds pretty good to me. (Via Instagram / pizzerialocale)

CNBC reports the new restaurant venture also relies on a model emphasizing service and speed to stay afloat. And the restaurant is already looking to expand to other locations.

Commenting on the potential for growth, a writer for U.S. News & World Report says: "If Chipotle's success is any indicator, Pizzeria Locale could have huge growth potential. Twenty years after the opening of its first location, the restaurant has more than 1,400 locations."

Chipotle has ventured into other restaurant territory before. It currently owns six ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen restaurants. (Via Shophouse Kitchen)

As for Pizzeria Locale, it'll cost you around $6.50 for a pizza, and it also offers red and white Italian wine on tap.

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