Call Him Officer Cat Whisperer: Cop Helps Rescue Kitten

An officer in Ohio helped rescue a kitten from a sewer drain and adopted it.
Call Him Officer Cat Whisperer: Cop Helps Rescue Kitten

You can call him the Cat Whisperer. Officer Meowington. The Un-Caped Crusader. Enough?

Hamilton, Ohio, police officer Jon Habig helped rescue this adorable orange kitten from a sewer. And to add to the cuteness, he adopted it, too.

Dunno if we can handle the cuteness of this story.

Although the officer can't get all the credit. A worker at the street department helped remove the drain cover and actually got the kitten out. (Video via WXIX)

The Internet has a thing for uniformed officials rescuing cute, tiny animals.

Earlier this month, an officer in Tampa, Florida, helped rescue a kitten from a manhole.

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