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Getty Images / David Ramos

Breathalyzers For Weed: Because We Couldn't Tell Already

Scientists have developed a way to measure THC impairment, and they're working to get it in the hands of law enforcement.

By Leah Becerra | December 3, 2015

Scientists in California have cracked the code for measuring THC impairment.

Translation: Officers could soon have access to marijuana breathalyzers.

Before now, law enforcement could only measure whether THC was in a person's system. (Video via Fusion)

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But the chemical can stay in the body for a long time. That makes existing tests impractical for traffic stops. (Video via CBC)

Next step for the weed breathalyzer: "optimizing the technology for a handheld device."

Soon after: Clinical trials will begin in California.

This video includes images by Getty Images.

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