Bernie Sanders Bought A New Home; Naturally, People Had A Lot To Say

Sanders paid $575,000 for a vacation home near a Vermont lake, and the internet doesn't like it.
Bernie Sanders Bought A New Home; Naturally, People Had A Lot To Say

We're not sure who was more enraged with Bernie Sanders' latest purchase — social media users or the media.

"There you go, Bernie. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams," Infowars' David Knight said.

Earlier this week, Vermont newspapers reported the senator had dropped just under $600,000 for a third home.

The lake-front, four bedroom home comes with 500 feet spanning Vermont's Lake Champlain.

His other homes are in Burlington, Vermont, and Washington, D.C.

Some Twitter users said based on his campaign platform and political values of democratic socialism, it was a hypocritical move.

Then the headlines started rolling in.

And no, Sanders didn't use donations to fund his purchase. His wife told a local outlet they sold another property to get the money for the new house.

This video includes clips from CNNOffice of Sen. Bernie SandersInfoWars and Democratic National Convention and an image from Chris Gosselin / CC BY 2.0. Music provided by APM music. 

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