Alleged Hitman Charged With Murder Confesses To 40 Killings

A suspected hitman in California has confessed to murdering 40 people while working for a drug cartel.

A suspected hitman charged with nine murders in California has confessed to killing even more people while working for a drug cartel. KSFN reports this confession comes after several charges were brought against him.

"51 year old Jose Manuel Martinez is in an Alabama jail cell facing charges for a murder there, possibly two more in Florida and now nine murders here in California." (Via KSFN)

KSEE says Martinez was arrested in Arizona, while attempting to cross the border from Mexico. It was while he was in custody that Martinez confessed to 40 murders. 

Officials say one of Martinez' alleged victims was shot while driving to work — his wife, brother, and brother-in-law were all in the vehicle.

The Tulare County Sheriff's Department, where Martinez is charged with nine murders, held a press conference detailing the investigation and his crimes. Martinez also faces several special circumstance allegations, including:

"Multiple muders, lying in wait, kidnapping, and murder for financial gain. These allegations make the defendant potentially eligible for the death penalty." (Via Tulare County Sheriff's Department)

The Tulare County district attorney says the murders Martinez has confessed to will be investigated. 

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Alleged Hitman Charged With Murder Confesses To 40 Killings
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