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5 Good Reasons To Give Landline Phones Another Chance

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people still use home landline phones. If you want to disconnect, here's why you should reconsider.

Here's a question: Does anyone use landline phones anymore?

Well, this is timely. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report Tuesday that says, yes, people still use landline phones. There's just not that many. 

About 21,000 households were surveyed, and not even half of them were cellphone-only homes. Forty-one percent use both landline and cellphone; 8 percent use just a landline; and 3.4 percent don't have a phone at all. 

So, I'm guessing this wasn't just a phone survey. Regardless, did you know there are actually reasons that make keeping a landline worthwhile?

Call quality tends to be a lot better on a landline. Plus, a lot of home Internet providers offer discounts that could lower the cost of your bill. 

Also, in case of emergency or when your home's power fails, landlines still send data and power; plus the old corded models don't need to be recharged.

And there's something oddly satisfying about slamming down a receiver. (Video via Nickelodeon / "SpongeBob SquarePants")

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5 Good Reasons To Give Landline Phones Another Chance
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