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Meet the Team

Kate Grumke


From indigenous land rights to third party politics, Kate tells stories you don't often see on the nightly news. She hails from St. Louis and converted to Newsy from the public radio world. When she's not obsessively scrolling through news, you can find Kate catching a movie, playing the ukelele or joining yet another book club. She works out of Newsy's Washington, D.C. bureau, and you can follow her on Twitter at @KGrumke.

  Recent Work
Trump's cabinet picks during senate hearings
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump's Cabinet Picks Aren't Standing By His Biggest Campaign Promises

Donald Trump and his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump's Sons Will Manage Business During His Presidency

Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania
Getty ImagesPolitics

Donald Trump's Fight With The Intelligence Community, Explained

Marijuana activists in D.C. roll joints in preparation for Donald Trump's inauguration.
Newsy / Matt AnzurU.S.

Weed Activists Are Giving Out 4,200 Joints For Trump's Inauguration

Donald Trump and Barack Obama meet in the Oval Office
Getty Images / Win McNameePolitics

Obama's Criminal Justice Report Is A Blueprint For Trump

Trump and his children cut the ribbon at his D.C. hotel
Getty Images / Chip SomodevillaPolitics

How Trump Could Get Rid Of His Business Conflicts Of Interest

Trump's secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson
Getty Images / Brian HarkinPolitics

Trump's Cabinet Faces More Conflict-Of-Interest Scrutiny Than He Does

Faith Spotted Eagle speaks at an event
Getty Images / Chip SomodevillaU.S.

Meet The First Native American To Receive An Electoral College Vote

Donald Trump
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump's Cabinet Picks Are Wealthier Than The Bottom Third Of Americans

Donald Trump

Who Can Hold Donald Trump Accountable On Conflicts Of Interest?

A Portland police officer speaks with a person who is homeless
Portland PoliceU.S.

Portland Is Taxing Companies With High-Paid CEOs To Fight Homelessness

Donald Trump and his pick for education secretary Betsy DeVos
Getty Images / Drew AngererPolitics

Public School Teachers Oppose Trump's Pick For Education Secretary

The Trump family at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.
Getty Images / Chip SomodevillaPolitics

Donald Trump's DC Hotel Is A Big Conflict Of Interest

Fidel Castro speaking in 1978
Marcelo Montecino / CC by SA 2.0World

Fidel Castro, Cuba's Revolutionary Leader, Dies At 90

Postcard with "What now, America?" on top of American map
Andrew LawlerPolitics

What Now, America?

Activists march against the Dakota Access Pipeline
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Why The Founding Fathers Protected The Right To Protest

Bernie Sanders at a rally against the Dakota Access Pipeline
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Bernie Sanders Asks Obama To Declare Standing Rock A National Monument

Legal cannabis at a Colorado grow center
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

A Bunch Of States Just Legalized Recreational Marijuana

President-elect Donald Trump gives two thumbs up
Getty Images / Chip SomodevillaPolitics

The Keystone Pipeline Is Back On The Table With Trump Presidency

File footage of someone casting a ballot
U.S. National ArchivesPolitics

Maine Just Decided To Switch To Ranked-Choice Voting; What's That?

Catherine Cortez Masto
Catherine Cortez MastoPolitics

The US Just Elected Its First Latina Senator

Newsy's Zach Toombs And Kate Grumke Stand In Front Of The Electoral Map
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

3 Crucial States (And A Lot More) To Watch On Election Night

A sign that says "Closed Election Day"
National ArchivesPolitics

Why Isn't Election Day A Holiday?

Young black voter at a voting station
Getty Images / Scott OlsonPolitics

2016's Voters Are The Most Diverse In History

cashew chicken on a square plate
Newsy / Danny MattesonU.S.

This Family Built A Cashew Chicken Empire In Southwest Missouri

Chase Iron Eyes is a candidate for congress in North Dakota. He's from the Standing Rock reservation.
Newsy / Jake GodinPolitics

North Dakota's Congressional Race Is A Symbolic One For Standing Rock

"Water Protectors" on horseback near Standing Rock
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Police Kill Native Americans At A Higher Rate Than Any Other Race

A California beach
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

State Politics Could Affect You More Than Clinton Or Trump

Jose Barbosa gets out the vote in Arizona.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyU.S.

Undocumented Immigrants Are Getting Out The Vote In Arizona

Tim Cullen Shows Off His Cannabis Facility
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

This Cannabis CEO Used To Be A High School Biology Teacher