Health Care In America
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Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress...

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Motion Graphics Producer

Born in the woods of the far off land they call Columbia, Missouri, Andrew is a super-energetic and outgoing video editor, known for talking non-stop while writers work in vain to finish their stories. When it comes to editing, his strengths include speed, coloring, and over-heating computers to ridiculous degrees. Off the clock Andrew enjoys playing video games, watching television, and staring blankly in corners for hours on end.

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An F/A-18F Super Hornet fires a Sidewinder AIM-9M missile during an exercise.
U.S. Department of DefenseU.S.

It's Really Rare For One Fighter Jet To Take Down Another: Here's Why

An image of Cameroon with its name in French on an old map.
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C'est La Violence: Cameroon Is Fighting Over Language

Fired FBI Director James Comey in Senate Intelligence Committee hearing room
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Collision Course: The Complete Comey-Trump Saga In 3 Minutes

A man stands in the ruins of a building destroyed during fighting between Iraqi forces and ISIS.
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After ISIS Falls, What Happens To Its 'Digital Caliphate'?

How the federal government should work.
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A Constitutional Crisis May Not Be What You Think It Is

A Mercator projection map from 1897
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Why Most World Maps Are Very Wrong

Richard Ben-Veniste during an interview.
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The Best Way To Investigate A Political Scandal? We Asked An Expert.

Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally
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Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare for All' Health Care Plan, Explained

A family from Turkey crosses the U.S.-Canada border into Canada
Getty Images / Drew AngererPolitics

More And More Refugees Are Fleeing The US For Canada

A gun with a silencer on top of a law that says National Instant Criminal Background Check

Congress Could Change The Process For Getting Gun Silencers

A protester holds a "deport Trump" sign.
Getty Images / Joe RaedlePolitics

How Trump Wants To Make It Easier To Deport People Quickly

Presidents Trump and Obama.
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Presidents Can't Order Wiretaps (And Other Things To Know About FISA)

U.S. Border Patrol agents detain undocumented immigrants
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The US Deports People In 2 Main Ways. The Difference Is Crucial.

Palestinian woman walking past a barricade at Israeli settlement and Palestinian neighborhood
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Israel And Palestine's 2-State Solution Explained

Cody LaGrow looking at phone.
Newsy / David SeitzU.S.

What Is 'Breadcrumbing'? Decoding The Latest Digital Dating Disaster

A graphic showing the chances of dying in a terror attack in the U.S. committed by foreigners on various visas.
Newsy / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Odds Of Being Killed By A Refugee Terrorist? 1 In 3.6 Billion

President Donald Trump speaks on the phone in the Oval Office of the White House.
Getty Images / Drew AngererPolitics

The US-Australia Refugee Deal That Trump Called 'Dumb'

Conflicted: Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest
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Conflicted: A Newsy Special Report

President Trump signs an executive order.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Here's What You Should Know About Executive Orders

President Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office
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Most Americans Disapprove Of Donald Trump — In Record Time

A woman holds up signs at Donald Trump's inauguration.
Newsy / Kevin ClancyPolitics

Donald Trump Is Making America Protest Again

Donald Trump owes hundreds of millions to Wall Street.
Newsy / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Unless He Divests, Trump Will Owe Wall Street Hundreds Of Millions

A graphic of Donald Trump taking the inaugural oath
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerPolitics

The Attendance, Cost And Other Big Numbers Behind Trump's Inauguration

Donald Trump's conflicts of interest are unprecedented.
Newsy / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Donald Trump's Conflicts Of Interest Are Unprecedented

George Zimmerman sits in a Seminole County courtroom in 2012.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Study Links Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law To Rise In Violence

Woman with headphones runs by ocean.
Getty ImagesU.S.

Don't Drop Your New Year's Resolution Just Yet

Donald Trump and Barack Obama meet in the Oval Office
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Obama's Criminal Justice Report Is A Blueprint For Trump

Trump and his children cut the ribbon at his D.C. hotel
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How Trump Could Get Rid Of His Business Conflicts Of Interest

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Getty ImagesWorld

Despite Un-American Ideas, Putin Is Seeing More Republican Support

James Blake, Beyoncé and Kanye West.
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The Music That Moved Us In 2016