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Zach leads Newsy's Washington, D.C. bureau and its Policy team. He also develops new projects for Newsy, including interactive features and documentaries. You can find him on Twitter at @zachtoombs or email him at

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Donald Trump speaks to a crowd of supporters.WATCHLIST

'There's Something Going On': How Donald Trump Mainstreams Conspiracy

Donald Trump at a presidential debateWATCHLIST
Getty Images / Scott OlsonPolitics

The Last Time Donald Trump's Tax Returns Went Public, He Paid $0

Women are missing out on a lot of coaching jobs in women's college sports.WATCHLIST

Fewer Coaching Jobs In Women's Sports Are Going To Women

George Soros, one of the most prominent donors to liberal causes.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Sean GallupPolitics

George Soros' Offshore Finances Revealed In Panama Papers

Donald Trump with Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Andy KropaPolitics

60 Seconds Of Donald Trump Talking About Women

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) participates in the Republican presidential debate at St. Anselm College.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Joe RaedlePolitics

Ted Cruz Is Back In Washington, And The Senate Isn't Happy To See Him

Father Bill Terry marks a name on his church for every killing in New Orleans.WATCHLIST
Courtesy of Yulene VelasquezU.S.

Father Bill Terry Marks A Name For Every Killing In New Orleans

Mashup of news reports covering Donald TrumpWATCHLIST

Did Press Coverage Create Donald Trump's Candidacy? We Discuss

Allison Janney stepped into her old shoes from "The West Wing."WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Alex WongPolitics

C.J. Cregg From 'The West Wing' Fills In At White House Press Briefing

Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina at a campaign rally.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Ty WrightPolitics

Can Carly Fiorina Help Ted Cruz Defeat Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has won the Pennsylvania primary.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Jessica KourkounisPolitics

Trump Wins In Pennsylvania, But Delegates Are Still A Wild Card

Republicans and other students at Trump's alma mater are embarrassed by him.WATCHLIST

Donald Trump Is Embarrassing Students At His Alma Mater

Frank Howard wants to represent Maryland in the U.S. House, and he's embracing much of Donald Trump's style and substance.WATCHLIST

Will The Trump Effect Trickle Down The Ballot?

Sanders supporters like Trump even less than they like Clinton.WATCHLIST

What's It Take For A Sanders Supporter To Back Clinton? Trump.

Pennsylvania Republicans directly elect delegates, but almost no one knows their names.WATCHLIST

Pa.'s Confusing GOP Primary Has Voters Picking The Wrong Delegates

Photos of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporters holding signs.WATCHLIST

Something Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Supporters Agree On

Sanders' campaign accuses the Clinton team of breaking campaign finance laws.WATCHLIST

Bernie Sanders' Team Says Hillary Clinton Broke Campaign Finance Laws

Republican party leaders are protecting a brand. This illustration shows a logo for the Republican party.WATCHLIST

What Trump Forgot: Conventions, Not Primaries, Pick The Nominee

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both supported the 1994 crime bill.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Simon BrutyPolitics

Clinton Apologized — But Sanders Supported The Crime Bill, Too

You can help Newsy win a Webby award.WATCHLIST

Help Newsy Win A Webby For Our Interactive Fact-Check

Democracy Spring finished a 10-day march to protest money in politics.WATCHLIST

Democracy Spring Completes Its 10-Day March Against Money In Politics

Democracy Spring protested money in politics on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building.WATCHLIST

So Many Protesters Were Arrested At Capitol, Police Ran Out Of Room

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has won the Wisconsin primary for president.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Darren HauckU.S.

Ted Cruz Wins Wisconsin, Complicating Donald Trump's Nomination Hopes

Iceland's prime minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson is stepping down.WATCHLIST
Frankie FouganthinWorld

Panama Papers: After 10,000 Protest, Iceland's Prime Minister Resigns

Gov. Robert Bentley faces the possibility of impeachments in Alabama.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Jessica McGowanPolitics

Alabama Lawmakers Move To Impeach Governor Over Sex Scandal

Money tied to Vladimir Putin and his friends took a long trip through offshore accounts and back into Russia.WATCHLIST

The Putin Shuffle: Visualizing World Leaders' Hidden Wealth

Havana's La Coppelia is a microcosm of Cuba's two-currency problem.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Connor HickoxWorld

Cuba's Odd 2-Currency System, As Explained By Ice Cream

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine was in Havana, Cuba.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Connor HickoxWorld

Miami Beach Mayor Sees Hope In Havana

Young Cubans hope to play in the MLB.WATCHLIST

Baseball Diplomacy Gives New Hope To Cubans With MLB Dreams

What you see when you land at an airport in CubaWATCHLIST

This Is What You See When You Fly Into Cuba