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Want To Fight Smog? Try Covering A Building In Plants

The buildings are expected to be constructed by 2018.
Want To Fight Smog? Try Covering A Building In Plants

China's smog problem isn't getting better. But covering tall buildings in plants is one way to try to fix it.

By the time the buildings are finished next year, they'll be home to 1,100 trees and 2,500 other plants.

The company behind the project, Stefano Boeri Architetti, estimates all those plants will soak in 25 tons of carbon dioxide a year and release 60 kilograms of oxygen daily.

Similar "vertical forests" exist in other cities.

And while that sounds like enough to make somewhat of a dent, some environmentalists have mentioned that new construction creates a lot of carbon dioxide. And later on, the plants will need upkeep and water.

As for their uses — one building will feature a variety of attractions like a museum and private club. The other will be a hotel.

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