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It Looks Like Trump Is Moving Forward On 'Buy American, Hire American'

The commander-in-chief is expected to sign an executive order that aims to overhaul the visa program for foreign workers.
It Looks Like Trump Is Moving Forward On 'Buy American, Hire American'

President Donald Trump is moving forward on another promise.

The commander-in-chief is set to visit Wisconsin on Tuesday to give a speech on American manufacturing. He's also expected to sign another executive order.

Top administration officials told reporters the order will implement a pledge Trump made on the campaign trail.

The "hire American" part of the order reportedly aims to revamp the foreign worker visa program from a lottery system to one that's merit-based.

Critics say the current system lets employers use loopholes to hire less qualified foreign workers for lower level tech jobs and often pay them lower wages.

The order could mean assessments of the visa program. The "buy American" part would also direct federal agencies to be stricter about enforcing laws that require the federal government to buy American-made goods.