Sewing Classes Are Giving Refugees Independence In Canada

The Darzee seamstress training program is run by Mes Amis Canada, a nonprofit.
Sewing Classes Are Giving Refugees Independence In Canada

Refugees in Toronto are celebrating their new country through sewing.

The Darzee program is teaching women how to start their own seamstress businesses — and how to integrate to the culture in the process.

Each of the women receives training and a donated sewing machine.

"You need someone to give you the rod, not the fish," said a refugee in the program.

Their first collection of items for sale all revolved around Canada's 150th anniversary.

The program is intended to promote self-sufficiency and give women the ability to provide for their families.

"They weren't looking for handouts, so they're not looking for handouts here. They're very capable of being able to pave their way in this country; they just need some help," said Mes Amis Canada Executive Director Julie Mahfouz Rezvani.

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