Phone Companies Could Soon Have More Power To Block Spam Calls

The FCC passed a proposal to expand telecom company rights.
Phone Companies Could Soon Have More Power To Block Spam Calls

Phone companies could finally be able to crack down on robocalls.

The Federal Communications Commission passed a proposal expanding the rights of telecom companies to block unwanted phone calls. 

The new rule would block spammers from using invalid numbers and numbers that haven't actually been assigned.

The IRS estimates robocalls and tax collector scams cost consumers over $26.5 million in 2016. In a lot of cases, the agency reports scammers use threats to bully people into paying up.

Of course, robocalls don't always solicit money — some are just annoying. The FCC reports consumers received about 2.4 billion spam calls per month last year.

But hopefully the new rule will change that. The proposal is now in a public comment period and will likely be voted on and finalized later this year.

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