Joe Biden May Have Accidentally Revealed His Post-White House Plans

On a hot mic, Biden appeared to confirm two rumors for his plans after the vice presidency.
Joe Biden May Have Accidentally Revealed His Post-White House Plans

Vice President Joe Biden may have just accidentally revealed his post-White House plans.

"I'm going to be setting up this thing called The Biden Trust to continue the cancer work. And it's not so much about raising money or philanthropy, though there will be some of that. But it's more about keeping these guys cooperating and changing the culture," Joe Biden said.

A writer from Quartz spotted and grabbed that clip from C-SPAN's broadcast of the U.S. Senate ceremonial swearing in Tuesday.

In it, Biden appears to confirm two rumors that have been floating around in recent weeks — that he will continue his Cancer Moonshot program through an independent institute and that he will head to the University of Pennsylvania to work in foreign policy.

Biden has previously said he will keep helping the National Cancer Moonshot initiative, which he launched last year after his son, Beau Biden, died from brain cancer.

He said in an interview with STAT last fall, "I'm going to stay involved in this effort as long as I'm alive. So I'm going to stay engaged. Exactly how, I don't know yet."

The Cancer Moonshot program's mission is to "make a decade's worth of advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, in five years."

Biden also told reporters last year that he's considering running for president in 2020.

The University of Pennsylvania refused to comment on the hot mic video, and the vice president's office has yet to respond to requests for comment.

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