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Skittles-Coated Highway Seems Like A 'Stranger Things' Episode

Thousands of red Skittles fell off a pickup truck and covered a Wisconsin highway in candy-coated confections.
Skittles-Coated Highway Seems Like A 'Stranger Things' Episode

Stranger things are happening in Wisconsin.

Hundreds of thousands of Skittles spilled onto a highway.

Apparently, they fell off the back of a pickup truck.

The strangest thing: The Skittles were meant to be fed to cows.

"From what I understand, is these Skittles, are probably rejects from the factory. And they're given out to farmers. And apparently, they're good nutrients for cattle," explained Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt.

Officials said the spilled Skittles also helped provide traction and improved icy roads. The spill didn't smell too bad either.