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We Need To Get Over Comparing Our Income To What Our Parents Made

Only about half of 30-year-olds are making what their parents did at the same age, according to a recent study.

We have a fixation with comparing our income to our parents' when they were our age.

But who cares where our parents were at this point? 

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When we do that, we hit a pretty crappy realization: A recent study found only about half of 30-year-olds are making what their parents did at the same age. 

And that's different from when our parents compared themselves to their parents. Most of our parents did end up making more than their parents. 

Factors like the economy growing very slowly and the expanding inequality between the upper class and everyone else are likely to blame.

So yes, we're telling you it's not your fault. Tell us on social media what your American dream is.

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