Clumsy Military Sniper Wounds Two During French President's Speech

A sniper reportedly tripped and accidentally fired his weapon while guarding French President Francois Hollande.
Clumsy Military Sniper Wounds Two During French President's Speech

No one likes to screw up at their job. But in some positions, the consequences are a lot more severe than others.

That became obvious when a sniper who was protecting French President Francois Hollande reportedly fired his gun by accident after he tripped while on lookout on a roof. 

Hollande seemed totally unfazed by the gunshot, saying, "I hope it's nothing serious" before continuing with the speech.

The misfire reportedly injured two people. The bullet went through a waiter's leg and also hit another man. Their injuries aren't considered serious.

Hollande was on hand to celebrate the opening of a high-speed rail line between Paris and Bordeaux. 

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