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It's Not Easy Being A Female Boxer In South Africa. Meet One Of Them

Even the mother of professional boxer Selinah Mabunda disapproves of her daughter pursuing the sport.
It's Not Easy Being A Female Boxer In South Africa. Meet One Of Them

Selinah Mabunda might be a professional boxer, but it's unclear when she will fight.

In South Africa, there are few female boxers because of the adversity they face.

"Most of the time, we find that there is a tournament, but there's not even one female boxer inside of that tournament. They're all male," Mabunda said.

The sport there is male-dominated, so even a capable and skilled female boxer may experience disapproval.

Even Mabunda's mother has questioned her career choice.

"She was like, 'Why don't you get a child first?'" Mabunda said.

Mabunda currently trains in a gym with mostly men but is hopeful she'll get a chance to prove herself.

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