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The New Sports Writers At The Associated Press Aren't Human

By Connor Hickox | July 1, 2016



Robot Journalist:

The Associated Press is hiring a team of robot sports writers.

Real Journalist:

The Associated Press is hiring a team of bright new sports writers. They work long hours, and they're incredibly efficient and accurate. They're also not human.


In 2014, the Associated Press invested in Automated Insights to automate earnings reports. The machine-powered reporting program is called Wordsmith. It writes efficiently and accurately. Now the companies are working together to expand AP's sports coverage.

In 2014, AP invested in Automated Insights, a tech company that analyzes big data and converts it into readable narratives. AP started using its machine-powered reporting program, Wordsmith, to automate earnings report journalism last year. Now AP is using that technology to expand its sports coverage.


Here's how it works:


The Associated Press says it will not replace journalists with robots. It will use Wordsmith to cover minor league baseball. Triple-A, double-A and class A games.

Even though reporting robots will probably start eliminating journalism jobs, AP and Automated Insights insist the current objective is to expand coverage — not to replace journalists. They'll start by using Wordsmith to report on minor league baseball games that wouldn't otherwise be covered.


Here's an example:


Automated Insights says its technology can be used for portfolio summaries, product descriptions and much more.

Automated Insights says its technology can be used for everything from sales reports to election results and even "Game of Thrones" battle recaps.





Robots are great. Robots do great work.

It's only a matter of time before the robots take your job. Get your resume ready.