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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Spur (Even More) Discussion With 'White Privilege II'




January 22, 2015

Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis are really good at making music that people are going to talk about. That holds true with their newest hit "White Privilege II."

White Privilege II

There's a lot to unpack with the nearly nine-minute song. In it, Macklemore talks about activism, appropriation of black culture, how fans responded to his songs about gay rights, his place as a white rapper broaching social issues and topics of race, and — of course — white privilege.

Responses to Macklemore's music are all over the place:

This is just a small sample, but it is, more or less, how some people are feeling about "White Privilege II" — which is incredibly ripe for discussion.

It should be noted Macklemore dropped "White Privilege," the predecessor to this latest track, more than 10 years ago.