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Let's All Watch Bernie Sanders Dance And Have Fun On 'Ellen'


October 15, 2015

Bernie Sanders followed Tuesday night's debate performance with a different kind of performance Wednesday on Ellen DeGeneres' show.

We had a difficult time finding a picture of him smiling for this post, so it was nice to see Sanders showing his lighter side and answering questions about who his favorite member of One Direction was (really?) and if he prefers boxers or briefs. (Briefs.) The audience's favorite question, though, was when he was asked if he'd ever been in handcuffs.

Sanders responded, "I don’t know exactly what you mean by that," before explaining (in a serious tone) that, yes, police arrested him at a civil rights demonstration.

On the campaign trail, Sanders has gone after what he calls the excess and greed of Wall Street, but on 'Ellen,' it was great to watch him dance (no matter how out of sync he was.)