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How Donated Bikes Are Putting Education And Health Care Within Reach
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US Citizens Won't Be Able To Visit North Korea Much Longer
Humans Could Be Radically Changing Rainfall Patterns Worldwide
Terror Attacks Worldwide Are Down For Second Straight Year
Rohingya Refugees Flee Myanmar For Bangladesh But Still Face Issues
World's Authorities Shut Down Internet's Largest 'Dark Market'
Say Hello To Trainy McTrainface, 'Cousin' Of Boaty McBoatface
Canadian Official Breaks Royal Protocol In The Most Polite Way
US Lifts Airline Laptop Ban But Adds Enhanced Screenings Worldwide
Qatar Rejects New, Shorter List Of Demands To End Blockade
The Russia Probe Is Now Focusing On Trump's Digital Campaign
People In One Country Now Won't Pay More For Using A Credit Card
The Search For MH370 May Lead To Different Discoveries
Over 140 Dogs Were Rescued From A Meat Farm In South Korea
Rebel Wants To Turn Ukraine Into 'Little Russia'
Trump Issues Venezuelan Leader An Ultimatum, Threatens Sanctions
How State Media Became A Weapon Of Information Warfare
Reef Fish Make Riskier Choices If They've Been Exposed To Oil
Military Official Says North Korea Can't Accurately Strike The US
Cyberattacks Could Cost Global Economies As Much As Some Disasters
Qatar And UAE Trade Barbs Over Hacking Accusation
Negotiations For What A Post-Brexit World Looks Like Have Started
Winnie The Pooh Has Gotten The Boot From Chinese Social Media
Millions Of Venezuelans Vote Against Constitution Rewrite Plans
South Korea Extends A Rare Invitation For Military Talks With North
3 Years After MH17 Was Shot Down, The Case Is Moving Closer To Trial
Macron Is Hopeful He'll Convince Trump To Rejoin Paris Accord
Turkey's Move Toward The Death Penalty May Be A Move Away From The EU
Afghan All-Girls Robotics Team, Originally Denied Entry, Arrives In US
Anniversary Of Turkey's Failed Coup Marked With More Firings
Hong Kong Court Removes 4 Pro-Democracy Legislators From Office
Most US Voters Don't Seem To Know Much About Starvation Abroad
N. Korea To Take 'Corresponding Measures' If UN Imposes New Sanctions
At Least 5 Acid Attacks Happened Within 90 Minutes In London
Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Dies At 61
The Trump Administration Will Reportedly Recertify Iran's Nuclear Deal
Trumps Travel To Paris To Celebrate Bastille Day
China Just Put Its First Foreign Military Base Here
An All-Black African Team Is Trying To Make A First In Cycling
Former Brazilian President Gets 10 Years In Prison For Corruption
The City Of Manchester Is Making Ariana Grande An Honorary Citizen
There's Now A New Path To Sainthood In The Catholic Church
The Vatican Says Gluten-Free Communion Wafers Don't Count
Qatar Signs Anti-Terror Funding Agreement With US Amid Blockade
Doctors Without Borders Just Created The Ultimate Rescue Unit
China Wants Other Countries To Help Out With North Korea
Syrian Watchdog Says ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Is Dead
Conflicting Stories On If Kremlin Was Involved In Trump Jr.'s Meeting
Sweden Is The Best Country In The World If You're An Immigrant
New Study Finds Gender Gap In Physical Activity And Obesity Rates
Mosul's Next Battle: Rebuilding A Ruined City
Island That Bans Female Visitors Is Now A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Turkey's Three-Week 'March For Justice' Protest Ends In Istanbul
Iraq's Prime Minister Says Iraqi Forces Have Liberated Mosul From ISIS
The US Air Force Sent Bombers To The Korean Peninsula
When It Comes To Climate Change, It's Just The G-19
UN Members Sign Nuclear Prohibition Treaty — With Notable Exceptions
The US Is About To Test Its THAAD Missile Defense System
Israel Pulls Funding From UN Following World Heritage Site Vote
The US And Russia Have Agreed To Implement A Cease-Fire In Syria
Melania Trump Says G-20 Protesters Blocked Her From Leaving Her Hotel
Trump 'Absolutely' Still Wants Mexico To Pay For Border 'Wall'
Talks On Reunifying Cyprus Fail — For Now
Tesla Claims It's Building The World's Largest Lithium-Ion Battery
Macron Can't Shake The Scandals Of French Politics
Senegalese Fashion Designer Brings High-Fashion To The Streets
Trump And Putin Meet For The First Time As World Leaders
Qatar's Neighbors Threaten To Take 'All Necessary' Measures Against It
Trump Criticized For Skipping Traditional Warsaw Ghetto Monument Visit
Protests Against G-20 Summit Turn Violent In Germany
The EU And Japan Have Agreed On A Massive Trade Deal
Kids In France Will Have To Get About 4 Times As Many Shots Now
Police Say More Arrests Are Possible In Manchester Bombing
Meet The New Muppet Promoting Equal Opportunities For All Genders
An Artist Makes 'Guns' From Antique Typewriters
France Has Set A Date To Ban Gas And Diesel Vehicle Sales
Trump: 'Nobody Really Knows' If Russia Was Only Meddler In US Election
Turkish Police Arrest Local Director Of Amnesty International
Trump's Comments About North Korea Seem To Be Getting Stronger
Mob Storms Venezuelan National Assembly, Injures Opposition Lawmakers
The UN Security Council Is Struggling With Solutions To North Korea
Hospital Offers To Take In Charlie Gard, But It's Not That Simple
This Map Plots Massacres Of Aborigines When Australia Was Colonized
A German City Is Bracing For G-20 Protests To Turn Violent
Trump Criticizes China Over North Korea: 'So Much For Working With Us'
Italy Is Getting Some Help Dealing With The Influx Of Migrants
2 More Airlines Become Exempt From The Laptop Ban
North Korea Claims It Successfully Fired An Intercontinental Missile
Why Trump's Budget Cuts To US Soft Power Matter
France's New President Wants To Cut Parliament By A Third
Why An Infant Has Gotten The Attention Of President Trump And The Pope
India Might Set Another Record For Most Trees Planted In 24 Hours
China Lashes Out At US Navy Ship Reportedly In South China Sea
ISIS Appears To Be Losing The Battle For Mosul
Italy's Migrant Crisis Is Getting Worse, And It Wants The EU's Help
Majority Of Brits Don't Want To Lose European Citizenship, Study Finds
One Year Later: Rodrigo Duterte's Presidency Is Tough, But Popular
Sites That Don't Remove Hate Speech Will Get Big Fines In Germany
British Lawmakers Are No Longer Tied To Dress Code Tradition