Great Barrier Reef

2016 Was A Bad Year For The Great Barrier Reef. 2017 Could Be Worse

Last year, a bleaching event killed 22 percent of the reef's corals.


Yeast colonies
Bojan Žunar / CC BY SA 4.0

Scientists Take Step Toward Synthetic Life, Recreate Yeast Chromosomes

Italdesign's Pop.Up drone car design

This Flying Drone Car Could Mean No More Traffic Jams

A laser cooling an atom
Newsy Staff

How Lasers Can Create The Coldest Spot In The Universe


Can Potatoes Really Grow On Mars?

Southern California
Getty Images

Two Fault Lines In Southern California Are Actually One Big One

Person scratching arm
Orrling and Tomer / CC BY 3.0

Contagious Itching Is All In Your Head

FBI Director James Comey
Getty Images

FBI Director Comey Wants A Back Door To Tech Encryption

A rack of computer servers and cords
Getty Images

The Federal Government Is Really Bad At Running Websites

The Oleo Sponge
Argonne National Laboratory

This Sponge Could Be Key For Cleaning Oil Spills

Corals in American Samoa
Zack Gold and Lupita Ruiz-Jones

Warmer Oceans Kill Many Corals, But Some Have A Knack For Survival

Neanderthal skull
Paul Hudson / CC BY 3.0

The Real Caveman Diet Was Mushrooms, Tree Bark And Moss

Vince and one of his fellow rhinos at the Thoiry Zoo.
Parc Zoologique de Thoiry

Poachers Broke Into A French Zoo And Killed A Rhino For Its Horns

Coal plant
Getty Images

Cuts In Coal Helped Lower UK Emissions To 1890s Levels

Blue Origin rocket taking off from launch pad
Blue Origin

Move Over, Mars — Everyone Wants To Go To The Moon

A boat frozen in ice

NASA Is Studying Greenland To Put A Timeline On Sea Level Rise

Engineers in an autonomous car
Getty Images

Why You'll Probably Never Own A Mostly Autonomous Car

Children from the remote Turkana tribe in Northern Kenya dig a hole in a river bed to retrieve water.
Getty Images

Polluted Environments Are Killing Millions Of Children Worldwide

U.S. National Park Service

Wyoming's Wolves Could Soon Be Shot On Sight

A nurse tends to a hospital patient
Getty Images

Lymphedema Isn't Just A Hereditary Disease — It Can Affect Anyone

The exterior of U.S. Bank Stadium.
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This Stadium Is Invisible To Birds — And That Can Be Deadly

Nintendo Switch
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The Things We Learned During The Nintendo Switch Launch

A young elephant eats branches
Getty Images

Wild Elephants Might Only Need 2 Hours Of Sleep A Night

Two baby goats in rehabilitation
Instagram / @goatsofanarchy

Meet The Goats Of Anarchy: A Rescue Farm For Baby Goats

SpaceX rocket launch from launch pad
SpaceX / CC0

Don't Wait For SpaceX. You Can Take A Space-cation Now

Clouded leopard cub
Amiee Stubbs / Nashville Zoo

This Clouded Leopard Cub Is One Of A Kind

An oil pump in front of a truck
Getty Images

US Government Won't Look Into Gas And Oil Company Methane Emissions

PayPal logo
Getty Images

PayPal Accused Of Covertly Redirecting Charitable Donations

A coyote in suburban California.
U.S. National Parks Service

Wild Animals Are Figuring Out City Life

Indigenous Amazonian people carving a tree
William Milliken

Humans Drastically Change The Environment — And We Always Have

Water droplet makes splash
bogitw / CC0

Why Scientists Made A Liquid That Doesn't Splash