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The moon.

This Changes How We Thought The Moon Was Made

Was it one huge collision or a bunch of small ones, as new research theorizes?


hands typing on a laptop
Getty Images

This Ancestry Website Might Reveal Information You Don't Want Public

People run on treadmills at a New York Sports Club.
Getty Images

Weekend-Only Workouts Might Be Just As Good As Daily Exercise

U.S. President Barack Obama smiles as he answers questions during a news conference.
Getty Images

Obama Has A Job Waiting For Him As Spotify's 'President Of Playlists'

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
Getty Images

Move Over, Yahoo. Make Room For ... Altaba?

Martin Shkreli
Getty Images

'Pharma Bro' Got His Twitter Suspended For Alleged Harassment

A mammography technologist assists a patient preparing for a mammography.
U.S. Navy

More Americans Got Mammograms When Obamacare Footed The Bill

Waymo's Chrysler Pacifica self-driving minivan

Google Spinoff Is Going To Unleash A Bunch Of Self-Driving Minivans

Bleached coral
Oregon State University / CC BY SA 2.0

The Paris Climate Agreement Probably Isn't Enough To Save Coral Reefs

John Podesta
Getty Images

How Not To Get Phished Like The Clinton Campaign Did

Julian Assange
Getty Images

Verified Twitter Users May Be On WikiLeaks' Radar

A red nova

If You've Never Seen A Star Explode, Watch The Sky In 2022

Two Google Home devices on Twitch
Twitch / seebotschat

Someone Trapped 2 Google Homes In An Endless Conversation On Twitch

Multi-ring galaxy
Ryan Beauchemin

Astronomers Find A Rare Ring Galaxy With An Even Rarer Second Ring

A photo of the crack in the Larson C ice shelf.

An Iceberg The Size Of Delaware Is Ready To Break Off Antarctica

Killer whale 'Tilikum' performing at SeaWorld
Getty Images

The Famous SeaWorld Killer Whale Tilikum Has Died

A breast cancer patient rubs her head before trying on a wig.
Getty Images

Best News Of 2017 So Far? Cancer Death Rate Drops A Fourth Since '91

Neutron star
NASA/CXC/University of Amsterdam/N.Rea et al

NASA's Next Mission Turns To Space's Most Extreme Environments

MRI lab and brain scans
Jesse Gomez and Kalanit Grill-Spector / Stanford Vision and Perception Neuroscience Lab

You Might Be Aging, But That Doesn't Mean Your Brain Stops Growing

A jar of Smucker's Natural peanut butter is pictured.
Getty Images

Exposing Kids To Peanuts Early Could Help Prevent Allergies Later

Icebergs in Greenland
Getty Images

Another Study Disproves Any Pause In Global Warming

US Sailors and a Navy dolphin
U.S. Navy

US Navy Dolphins Have A New Mission: To Help An Endangered Species

professor of surgery in a lab
University of Limerick

Scientists Say This Belly Membrane Should Be Classified As An Organ

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaking
Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg's New Year's Resolution: To Visit Every US State

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk talking to reporters.
Getty Images

SpaceX Finally Explains Why Its Rocket Exploded In September

Illustration of cosmic clouds

NASA Has Big Plans For 2017

Organ transplant
Getty Images

Driverless Cars May Worsen The Organ Shortage, But Science Has Answers

A vulture in front of a space shuttle
Getty Images

How To Keep Birds From Sabotaging The US Space Program

A clock
Flickr / el7bara

Why You'll Have To Wait A Second Longer For The New Year

Bill Gates gives a speech
Getty Images

Bill Gates' Foundation Invests In The Future Of HIV Prevention

Eiffel Tower
Getty Images

Paris' Solution To Air Pollution? Free Parking