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In this Newsy original series, we travel the country — from the border towns of Texas to Dearborn, Michigan — to uncover the deliciously rich stories behind the foods we love.
Lion in a cage

Thousands Of Animal Abuse Records Are No Longer Easily Accessible

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says privacy concerns were why the records were taken down.


A nuclear waste container
Getty Images

How To Solve The Nuclear Waste Problem: Put It Back To Work

Rusty patched bumblebee
United States Geological Survey

Trump Administration Delays Listing Bee Species As Endangered

Hands covered in ink made from smog
Graviky Labs

This Company Turns Air Pollution Into Ink

Crowd of people dancing to live band

When It Comes To Sexy Dancing, Science Says It's All In The Hips

Tiny drone pollinating flower
Dr. Eijiro Miyako

Accidentally Discovered Gel Might Help Bees Pollinate Plants

A veggie burger that resembles meat
Impossible Foods

This Burger Is Eco-Friendly — But With The Taste You Know

Antarctic ice and glaciers viewed from space
NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio/C. Starr

What Melting Arctic Ice Sheets Could Do To The World's Ocean Currents

Twitter video on how to use the block feature

Twitter Takes Steps To Subdue Online Trolls

A regenerating hydra

Watch Hydras Regrow Their Entire Bodies

An image of the Calabash Nebula.
ESA / Hubble & NASA

As A Star Slowly Dies, The Rotten Egg Nebula Is Born


Vizio Had Smart TVs Spy On Their Owners To Sell The Data

Japan's experimental tether craft for cleaning up space junk
The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency

Japan's First Attempt To Clean Up Space Didn't Go So Well

ENLACE Tour of the Martin Peña Channel Communities

A Puerto Rican Neighborhood Found A Way To Avoid Gentrification

Donald Trump
Getty Images

Dozens Of Tech Companies Are Fighting Trump's Travel Ban

Puppies in a pen painted like a football field.
Getty Images

This Year's Puppy Bowl Includes 3 Adoptable Pups With Disabilities

Mexico City
Getty Images

Mexico City's Car Restrictions Aren't Working Like They Should

A SpaceX launch
SpaceX / CC0

NASA's Commercial Crew Flights Are Probably Delayed — Again

Humpback whale breaching
Getty Images

Turns Out Whales Don't Jump Out Of The Water Just For Fun

Dairy cows in a barn
Getty Images

These Genetically Modified Cows Don't Need Antibiotics

Autonomous car's bumper
Getty Images

Driverless Cars Stay In Their Lane — Even If It Means Hitting Potholes

Fiona the baby hippo receives treatment.
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Zookeepers Are Nursing This Preemie Hippo Back To Health

Stem cells on a computer screen
Getty Images

Stem Cell Therapy Might Offer Hope To Multiple Sclerosis Patients

An aerial view of Mauritius.
Getty Images

Scientists Believe They've Found Proof Of A Long-Lost Continent

Influenza virus
National Institutes of Health

This Breath Monitor Tells You If You're Sick

An artist's impression of saccorhytus.
University of Cambridge

Humans' Earliest Known Ancestor May Have Been Tiny ... And Terrifying

Kilauea volcano lava flowing into ocean
U.S. Geological Survey

This Hawaiian Volcano Has Created A 'Firehose' Of Lava

Westminster dog show Irish wolfhound dog in grooming area
Getty Images

Cat People Now Have A Reason To Watch The Westminster Dog Show

Green frog sits on a leaf
Theodore Scott / CC BY 2.0

What Makes A Frog's Tongue So Sticky?

A robotic bat
Ramezani, Chung, Hutchinson, Sci. Robot. 2

This Flying Robot Gets Its Agility From Bat Biology

Fast food curly fries and a burger
ebruli / CC by 2.0

Researchers Have Found Another Reason To Avoid Fast Food