Dried-up river bed

A Shrinking Glacier In Canada Made A River Disappear

This is the first event of its kind in thousands, if not millions, of years.


Brown howler monkey
Peter Schoen / CC BY SA 2.0

A Lot Of Monkeys Are Dying In Brazil, And Humans Aren't Helping

Petermann Glacier

Scientists Don't Know What Caused A Crack In This Greenland Glacier

CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Julian Assange
Getty Images

CIA Director Calls WikiLeaks A 'Hostile Intelligence Service'

An octopus on the seafloor
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The Ocean Floor Is Full Of Useful Metals — But Also Fragile Ecosystems

Engineer stands in front of James Webb telescope's first few mirrors

How Does NASA Transport A Massive $9 Billion Telescope?

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Say Goodbye To The NES Classic

Getty Images

Diabetes Diagnoses On The Rise In US Children

Saturn's moon Enceladus

Saturn's Moon Enceladus Shows Possible Hints Of Life

An ocelot crossing sign in Texas
Jeff B / CC BY 2.0

A Border Wall Would Be Bad News For Wild Cats

Activists painted the message "Reef in danger" on the side of coal ship in Australia.
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A Suffering Great Barrier Reef Could Hurt Australia's Economy

Titanic at the docks

As Scientists Debate The Future Of The Titanic, The Ocean Is Eating It

A komodo dragon.
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Komodo Dragon Blood Might Help Fight A Growing Human Threat

Leafcutter ants
Ross Elliott / CC BY 2.0

Ants Have Been Running Sophisticated Farms For 30 Million Years

A robot and its human minders
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How Robots And Humans Can Peacefully Coexist

A Leidy's comb jelly
Michael Bentley / CC BY 2.0

Meet What Could've Been The First Animals To Ever Evolve

A parcel is prepared for dispatch at an Amazon warehouse
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Hackers Reportedly Cost Some Amazon Third-Party Sellers Up To $50,000

Artist rendering of exoplanet GJ 1132b
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy

It's A First — An Earth-Sized Exoplanet With An Atmosphere

A smartphone opening Google Maps
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The US Government Says Google Is Shorting Its Female Workers

Google's California headquarters
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Google Will Start Fact-Checking Fake News Stories

President Trump and an anti-Trump Twitter account.
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US Drops Request For Private Details Of Anti-Trump Twitter Account

DNA strand
Nogas / CC BY 4.0

What DNA Testing Can Tell You, From Serious To Silly

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Climate Change Could Make Transatlantic Flights Really, Really Bumpy

Bleached Coral
Oregon State University / CC BY SA 2.0

To Save The Great Barrier Reef, Australia Might Try Cooling It Off

Scientist taking chemical sample of old book

Love The Smell Of Old Books? Scientists Want To Archive It

Karl Jansky and the first radio telescope
NRAO / AUI / NSF / CC BY 3.0

The Cosmic Discoveries We Make When We're Not Trying

Cigarettes over an ashtray.
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The Majority Of Global Smoking Deaths Come From These 4 Countries

Toy man being bitten by dinosaur
Kevin Dooley / CC BY 2.0

So How Nutritious Is A Human Being, Anyway?

Coal plant
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CO2 Levels Could Hit A 50-Million-Year High Within Decades

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
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Facebook Launches New Tools To Help Prevent 'Revenge Porn'

Cluster of galaxies

Scientists Don't Actually Know Why Anything Exists