Health Care In America
Featured Series: Health Care In America
Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation under President Donald Trump and a Republican-led Congress...
Fitting a bear with a tracking collar

Trackers Used To Monitor Animals Can Also Be Used Against Them

Animal conservation is getting high-tech — but so is the hunting and poaching that threatens it.


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There's Nothing Itsy Bitsy About The Number Of Bugs Spiders Eat

1:06Meghan Sharkus, founder of ExpressionMed
ExpressionMed / Kickstarter

This Woman Wants To Change The Way We Perceive Kids With Diabetes

Goldfish with disorder in its tiny makeshift wheelchair
Taylor Dean @Taylorndean

Goldfish With Bladder Disorder Gets Personalized Wheelchair

1:13Coal factory in China
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B Vitamins Might Help Our Bodies Deal With Pollution

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Cheerios Is Trying To Bring Back The Bees — And It Wants You To Help

1:11Mark Zuckerberg
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Facebook Now Says Law Enforcement Can't Use Data For Surveillance

1:13An illustration of neural cells
albastrica mititica / CC BY 2.0

The Brain Might Be 10 Times More Active Than Previously Believed

0:50An iceberg
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Natural Causes Could Be Partly Responsible For Record Low Sea Ice

0:53Marijuana plant

Smoking Pot Might Increase Your Risk Of Stroke And Heart Failure

1:25A microwave
Chris Kelly / CC BY 2.0

Your Microwave Can't Spy On You ... Yet.

0:57Group of folded DNA inside a cell
University of Cambridge

DNA Actually Looks Like A Big Ball Of Yarn

1:06Planets orbiting a star
NASA / CalTech

How Pi Helps Astronomers Locate Habitable Planets

1:14Former Vice President Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Pushes For Collaboration In Cancer Research

1:32Part of glacier breaking off and falling into the ocean
Schmid-Reportagen / CC BY 3.0

What You May Not Know About The Climate Change Basics

0:49Research submarine Boaty McBoatface
National Oceanography Centre

Boaty McBoatface Is Heading Off On Its Very First Mission

1:01IKAROS solar sail rendering
Andrzej Mirecki / CC BY SA 3.0

Scientists Speculate Mysterious Radio Bursts Are Powering Alien Ships

0:51Vice President Mike Pence speaks during a swearing-in ceremony
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Pence Defends GOP Health Care Plan In Ky., Where Obamacare Had Success

0:43Bottled water
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Soda Is No Longer America's Most Popular Beverage

0:45Scott Gottlieb
American Enterprise Institute

Trump's FDA Pick Is A Popular Choice In The Pharmaceutical Industry

0:55Elon Musk
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Elon Musk Says He Can Fix Australia's Energy Problem In 100 Days

0:52Doctors perform surgery.
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Hospitals Can Now Make New Doctors Work Shifts Longer Than A Day

0:52A culture of Candida auris.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Some US Hospitals Are Dealing With A Potentially Deadly Fungus

0:55Pedestrians walk past an AT&T Wireless store
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AT&T Could Be Discriminating Against Some Low-Income Communities

1:12Farmers pick strawberries in their farm.
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A New Report On Pesticides Could Do More Harm Than Good

0:54Great Barrier Reef
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2016 Was A Bad Year For The Great Barrier Reef. 2017 Could Be Worse

0:54Yeast colonies
Bojan Žunar / CC BY SA 4.0

Scientists Take Step Toward Synthetic Life, Recreate Yeast Chromosomes

0:57Italdesign's Pop.Up drone car design

This Flying Drone Car Could Mean No More Traffic Jams

1:12A laser cooling an atom
Newsy Staff

How Lasers Can Create The Coldest Spot In The Universe


Can Potatoes Really Grow On Mars?

1:14Southern California
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Two Fault Lines In Southern California Are Actually One Big One