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NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough and two Russian astronauts

A NASA Astronaut Just Cast His Absentee Ballot — From Space

American astronaut Shane Kimbrough was excited to be able to say, "I voted from space."


A supermoon
Joey Gannon / CC BY SA 2.0

November's Supermoon Will Be The Largest In Almost 70 Years

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
National Park Service

NASA's Going To Hawaii To Train For Martian Hunting

People tipping buckets of Baby Taricaya turtles

Peru Is Releasing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Baby Turtles Into The Wild

A SpaceX rocket
Getty Images

NASA Isn't Sold On SpaceX's Plan To Fuel Rockets With Crew On Board

The Great Salt Lake
John Morgan / CC BY 2.0

The Great Salt Lake Reached Its Lowest Water Level On Record

A person walks down a flooded street New York City due to Hurricane Sandy.
Getty Images

How Coastal Communities Buy Time Against Rising Sea Levels

Cows look at a camera
Getty Images

Cows Eat This Device, And It Lets Them Text Their Farmer — Sort Of

A petri dish with Candida auris cultured in it.
Shawn Lockhart / CDC

Cases Of An Often Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection Were Found In The US

Earth's Moon from Apollo 10

That One Time The Moon Nearly Sparked Nuclear War

Iceberg sits in water
Getty Images

Arctic Sea Ice Is Melting, And It's Partly Your Fault

Fingers turn clock hand
Getty Images

Daylight Saving Time Is Good For Sleep But May Be Bad For Your Brain

Power plant towers blow smoke
Getty Images

The Paris Agreement May Not Do What It's Supposed To

Jars of Nutella are displayed on a shelf at a market.
Getty Images

The FDA Wants To Know About Your Nutella-Eating Habits

Dr. Edward Sickles MD (R) and Larisa Gurilnik RT look at films of breast x-rays at the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Getty Images

The Number Of Women Dying Of Cancer Could Double By 2030

A NASA impression of a supernova.

What Will Happen When One Of The Brightest Stars In The Sky Explodes?

Coal mine in China
Getty Images

A Sharp Decline In Coal Use Fuels Drop In Carbon Intensity

Pedestrians in New York City
Getty Images

How Self-Driving Cars Could Make Pedestrians More Annoying

In this photo illustration the Facebook logo is reflected in the eye of a girl.
Getty Images

Having Lots Of Facebook Friends Boosts More Than Your Ego

Communications from Twitter are displayed on a mobile device.
Getty Images

Looks Like Twitter Is Trying To Tackle Hate Speech ... Again

NASA image of an asteroid.
Getty Images

NASA's Asteroid Detection System Proved Its Worth

The International Space Station
Getty Images

What It Takes To Bring Astronauts To And From The ISS

Lisbon, Portugal
David Holt / CC BY SA 2.0

By 2100, Lisbon, Portugal, Could Be A Desert

Bowls of mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers.
Getty Images

Who Needs Beef When You Can Eat Bugs?

Attendees at a Halloween carnival
Getty Images

Why Do We Like Getting Scared?

A female uses a smartphone to check Facebook.
Getty Images

Your Race Could Affect Which Facebook Ads You See

Cranberries are harvested at Weston Cranberry Farm.
Getty Images

Put Down The Cranberry Juice — It Probably Won't Help Your UTI

A visitor tries out an HP Spectre XT laptop computer.
Getty Images

Internet Providers Now Need Your Blessing To Use Your Personal Info

An iceberg in the Ross Sea.
cortto / cc by 2.0

A Giant Stretch Of Sea Near Antarctica Is Now Universally Protected

Paleontologists in Great Britain believe they have uncovered the first fossilized dinosaur brain.
Cambridge University

This Discovered Fossil Could Be The First Of Its Kind

A drawing of a flying car from Uber

Uber Wants To Make 'Back To The Future' Flying Cars A Reality