Health Care In America
Featured Series: Health Care In America
Millions of people enrolled in President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act. But the future of that health care legislation is unclear as we head into a new presidency.

The Cybersecurity Stakes Just Keep Getting Bigger

Hackers have ransomed hospitals, shut down the internet and are accused of influencing the U.S. election. And the risks are growing.


The Campi Flegrei volcano
Steve Slep / CC BY ND 2.0

An Italian Supervolcano Might Be Ready To Blow — But Maybe Not

Renderings of crew capsules from SpaceX and Boeing.
SpaceX, Boeing

Wasn't The US Supposed To Launch Astronauts Again In 2017?

A hand reaching for a doorknob
Newsy Staff

The Scientific Reason Static Electricity Is Worse In Winter

An image of a "Ziggy Stardust" snake.
Alexander Teynié

The 'Ziggy Stardust' Snake Is One Of Many Newly Discovered Species

Pregnant belly
Getty Images

Pregnancy Alters A Woman's Brain — But In A Good Way

A woman writes a note on a cross for Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera at a memorial.
Getty Images

Families Of 3 Orlando Shooting Victims Are Suing These Tech Giants

A man wearing an EEG cap controls a robotic arm.
University of Minnesota

This Robot Can Turn Thoughts Into Actions — With Mind Control

Female doctor consults patient
Ilmicrofono Oggiono / CC BY 2.0

Female Physicians May Provide Better Care Than Their Male Counterparts

A food product with a "best when used by" label.
Getty Images

'Best By,' 'Use By' And 'Sell By' Dates May Get A Lot Less Confusing

Drugs being prepared
Getty Images

Trying To Stop The Opioid Epidemic Is An Uphill Battle

Coral found about 165 miles from Cape Cod, Massachusettes
NOAA Ocean Explorer, Okeanos Explorer

Deep-Sea Fishing Ban Aims To Give Coral A Surviving Chance

A Colorado mule deer
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado's $4.5M Plan To Save Mule Deer Involves Killing Predators

Senior Citizens take part in the Kelvinside weekly tea dance.
Getty Images

We Could Someday Slow Aging If This Study Is On The Right Track

Video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and game character Mario
Getty Images

Nintendo's First Mobile Game 'Super Mario Run' Looks Like A Hit

The Facebook logo
Getty Images

Facebook's Plan To Fight Fake News Relies On Real Journalists

A turtle by a road.
Maine Audubon / CC BY 3.0

Earth's Animals Are Dealing With More Roads Than Ever

Anti-Donald Trump protesters hold signs
Getty Images

How Will President-Elect Donald Trump Affect Access To Birth Control?

Craters on the asteroid Ceres
NASA / JPL-Caltech / UCLA / MPS / DLR / IDA

Ceres Has Been Hiding Water Ice In Its Darkest, Coldest Craters

An undersea volcano erupts.

We're Taking Our First Close Look At Undersea Volcanoes

An Uber self-driving Ford Fusion drives down a street.
Getty Images

The California DMV Is Pumping The Brakes On Uber's Self-Driving Cars

Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with technology executives at Trump Tower.
Getty Images

Donald Trump Is Mending Ties With Tech Giants ... Except For Twitter

Pokémon Go running on an iPhone.
Getty Images

Turns Out 'Pokémon Go' Wasn't A Great Replacement For Going To The Gym

Donald Trump
Getty Images

Energy Department Defies Trump Before He's Even Inaugurated

Fracking at night
Getty Images

The EPA Finds Fracking Can Contaminate Drinking Water

Yahoo's search page
Getty Images

Yahoo Admits To Another Massive Hack

Donald Trump
Getty Images

Donald Trump's Meeting With Tech Leaders Could Get Kind Of Awkward

Two pandas play together.
Getty Images

The US And World Took Key Steps For Animal Conservation In 2016

An artist's illustration of the black hole consuming the star.
ESA/Hubble, ESO, M. Kornmesser

The Brightest Supernova Ever Was Really A Black Hole Shredding A Star

New planets discovered

2016 Space Exploration Was Enlightening And Kinda Weird

Bill Gates
Getty Images

Bill Gates Announces $1 Billion Fund To Invest In Green Technologies