Mexico City

Mexico City's Car Restrictions Aren't Working Like They Should

The city expanded its Hoy No Circula policy in 2008, but air pollution levels haven't changed much since then.


A SpaceX launch
SpaceX / CC0

NASA's Commercial Crew Flights Are Probably Delayed — Again

Humpback whale breaching
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Turns Out Whales Don't Jump Out Of The Water Just For Fun

Dairy cows in a barn
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These Genetically Modified Cows Don't Need Antibiotics

Autonomous car's bumper
Getty Images

Driverless Cars Stay In Their Lane — Even If It Means Hitting Potholes

Fiona the baby hippo receives treatment.
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Zookeepers Are Nursing This Preemie Hippo Back To Health

Stem cells on a computer screen
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Stem Cell Therapy Might Offer Hope To Multiple Sclerosis Patients

An aerial view of Mauritius.
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Scientists Believe They've Found Proof Of A Long-Lost Continent

Influenza virus
National Institutes of Health

This Breath Monitor Tells You If You're Sick

An artist's impression of saccorhytus.
University of Cambridge

Humans' Earliest Known Ancestor May Have Been Tiny ... And Terrifying

Kilauea volcano lava flowing into ocean
U.S. Geological Survey

This Hawaiian Volcano Has Created A 'Firehose' Of Lava

Westminster dog show Irish wolfhound dog in grooming area
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Cat People Now Have A Reason To Watch The Westminster Dog Show

Green frog sits on a leaf
Theodore Scott / CC BY 2.0

What Makes A Frog's Tongue So Sticky?

A robotic bat
Ramezani, Chung, Hutchinson, Sci. Robot. 2

This Flying Robot Gets Its Agility From Bat Biology

Fast food curly fries and a burger
ebruli / CC by 2.0

Researchers Have Found Another Reason To Avoid Fast Food

Woman wearing an EEG cap
Wyss Center

New Technology Gives Completely Paralyzed Patients A Voice

The Paris skyline
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France Is Saying Bye-Bye To Free Soda Refills

The crew of Space Shuttle Columbia
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NASA Remembers Fallen Astronauts Of Apollo 1, Challenger, Columbia

Scott Kelly and twin brother Mark Kelly
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Early Results Of Astronaut Twin Study Surprise Scientists

A bottle of oxycodone, an opioid pain killer
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This Life-Saving Opioid Antidote Device Now Costs $4,500

Phone running the Uber app
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Why Do People Want To #DeleteUber All Of A Sudden?

Protest signs in front of the U.S. Capitol
Newsy Staff

What Will The March For Science Do?

An astronaut sleeps on the International Space Station.

NASA's Lighting Experiment May Help Astronauts Finally Get Some Sleep

NASA spacesuit

Seam Me Up, Scotty: How Spacesuits Evolved From Clunky To Cool

Podium with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, logo
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Al Gore Is Making Sure The CDC's Climate Change Conference Happens

Children trying touch-screen digital learning table
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Can Women Be Brilliant? Some Young Girls Aren't So Sure

Wind turbines at an offshore wind farm
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New York Just Approved The Nation's Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Tomatoes in boxes
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You Don't Even Know What Tomatoes Are Supposed To Taste Like

A pig and a human
Newsy staff

Part-Pig, Part-Human Embryos Could Give Us Replacement Human Organs

Marvel logo
Twitter / Marvel

Check Out The Teaser For The New 'Avengers' Video Game

NS CEO strapped to a moving windmill
Youtube / NS

Dutch CEO Strapped Himself To A Windmill To Make This Announcement