Possible nuclear waste in Fukushima reactor

The Robot Searching Fukushima's Reactors May Have Made A Big Discovery

Cleaning up the nuclear debris around the power plant could take up to 40 years and will cost billions.


0:56A Justice store
Mike Mozart / CC by 2.0

Justice Pulls Kids' Makeup From Shelves Following Asbestos Allegations

1:59Pokémon Go Fest welcomed 20,000 trainers to Chicago
Niantic / "Pokémon GO"

Pokémon Go Fest Didn't Really Go Well

1:30Lyft's Open Platform site

Make Some Room, Uber — Lyft Is Going To Make Self-Driving Cars, Too

1:18AMP Robotics' "Clarke" robot can separate recyclables so humans don't have to.
Carton Council

Humans Suck At Recycling; That's Why This Robot Exists

0:43Cecil the lion.
University of Oxford

Cecil The Lion's Son Xanda Met The Same Fate As His Father

1:09A syringe sitting on top of an individual's belongings in Los Angeles

US Cities Are Finding Thousands Of Used Needles Discarded In Public

0:58Dust storm during Kenyan drought
Getty Images

Humans Could Be Radically Changing Rainfall Patterns Worldwide

1:08Twitter logo
Getty Images

Twitter Promises It's Doing Way Better With Harassment These Days

0:46The completed ISS

Astronauts And Google Team Up To Let You Explore A Space Station

0:55Elon Musk
Getty Images

Elon Musk Wants To Build A Hyperloop On The East Coast

1:05Pile of tree logs
Tinten Fieber / CC0

How Do You Stop Deforestation? Pay People Not To Cut Down Trees

1:07Several eye floaters in the human eye
Newsy / Drew Lawler

Annoying Eye Floaters Are More Helpful Than You Think

1:37A man shoots photos on a Nikon D5 DSLR camera
Getty Images / David Becker

Modern Editing Software Could Make Identifying Fake Media Difficult

1:54Gamers play Xbox One X at E3 booth
Getty Images

Xbox Makes It Easier For Indie Game Developers To Self-Publish Games

0:58The mascots of Louisiana State, Missouri, Auburn and Clemson (clockwise from top left)
Getty Images

NCAA Tigers Are Teaming Up To Protect Tigers In The Wild

1:15Part of the Indian Ocean's floor.
Geoscience Australia

The Search For MH370 May Lead To Different Discoveries

0:43Google home page

Google Hopes New App Feature Will Keep Users Coming Back

1:22Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.
Getty Images

A Congressman Asked Scientists If Mars Had Ancient Alien Civilizations

1:01T. rex in computer simulation
University of Manchester

T. Rex Was Probably Much Slower Than You Thought

1:53House Democrats now use encrypted messaging platform "Wickr"

House Democrats Are Using End-To-End Encryption To Avoid Future Hacks

1:28An AGCO employee uses Google Glass at work
AGCO Corp.

Google Glass Is Back From The Dead — But You Won't Be Able To Buy It

1:14An astronaut researches how to develop organophosphate-fighting space crystals
National Institutes of Health

Scientists Want To Fight Some Chemical Weapons With Space Crystals

2:01Dry, desolate Mars and Mars when it had liquid water on its surface

How We Could Make Mars A Livable Planet

0:48A jumping spider sits on top of a plant
Artur Rydzewski / CC BY 2.0

Some Spiders Mimic Ants To Avoid Being Devoured

0:56New Apple emoji

Apple's New Emoji Don't Include A Redhead, But We're Getting A Zombie

0:55Corals on the Great Barrier Reef
Toby Hudson / CC by SA-3.0

Reef Fish Make Riskier Choices If They've Been Exposed To Oil

0:55A look from above Pluto.

NASA Is Letting You See What It's Like To Fly Over Pluto


This Cute New Space Drone May Take Over Some Astronaut Duties

1:34A cotton swab used for DNA testing is placed into an envelope
Getty Images / William Thomas Cain

How Much Should You Trust Your DNA Test?

1:02Tesla CEO Elon Musk
Getty Images

Elon Musk Likes Most Technology, But He Wants One Sector Regulated