A gas station in Africa.

Low-Income Countries Get Burned When It Comes To Fuel Quality

Many differences in government regulations that limit or ban toxins in gasoline are a big reason why.



Diane James gives a speech during the U.K. Independence Party's party conference.WATCHLIST
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Can UKIP's New Leader Keep It Relevant After Brexit?

Refugees from South SudanWATCHLIST
United Nations

Another Country Has Hit The 1 Million Refugee Mark

Steve Irwin poses with a 3-foot long alligator at the San Francisco Zoo.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Crikey! Could Steve Irwin's Face Be On Australian Currency?

Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system.WATCHLIST
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Obama's $38 Billion Israel Aid Deal Has Some Big Strings Attached

A drug addict prepares a needle.WATCHLIST
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Canada Tries Out Heroin Prescriptions

Pope Francis prays in front of the statue of the Immaculate Conception at Spanish Steps in Rome.WATCHLIST
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Pope Francis: Killing In The Name Of God Is 'Satanic'

An illustration of a child.WATCHLIST
Newsy / Jake Godin

Children In Syria Grow Up Knowing Nothing But War

Buses set on fire by protesters in India.WATCHLIST

A Really, Really Old Water Dispute In India Just Caught Fire

Philippine President Rodrigo DuterteWATCHLIST
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President Duterte's Discontent With US Could Pose Problems ... For Him

Two dolphins appear in greenish-brown water. The dolphins seem to be a grayish purple. One has its mouth open.WATCHLIST
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Dolphins Might Have A 'Highly Developed Spoken Language'

Malaysia Airline passenger jets are shown parked on the tarmac at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.WATCHLIST
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A Fire May Have Broken Out Before Flight MH370 Crashed

A pair of glasses on top of a dictionary.WATCHLIST
Kate Ter Haar / CC BY 2.0

Don't Feel Bodoh — We Didn't Know What These Words Meant, Either

An Israeli soldier prays on a Merkava tank on the Israeli-Syrian border near Quneitra on June 22, 2014.WATCHLIST
Getty Images / Lior Mizrahi

Another Cease-Fire Begins In Syria — Will This One Last?

North Korean flags fly. They have a blue and white top and bottom. The middle is red with a white circle and red star.WATCHLIST
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In A Rare Move, North Korea Admits Devastation From Flooding

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during a press conference.WATCHLIST
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Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron Resigns From Parliament, Too

Marieke Vervoort wears a white and red jacket. She has bleach blonde short hair. She sits in her wheelchair with arms raised.WATCHLIST
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Paralympian Says She Will End Her Life One Day, But Not Now

Aerial views of The Great Barrier Reef.WATCHLIST
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The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying, And Tourists Are Rushing To See It

Military personnel patrol the Eiffel Tower on January 8, 2015, in Paris.WATCHLIST
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A 15-Year-Old Terror Suspect Was Arrested In Paris

A nurse fills a vaccine needle.WATCHLIST
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Which Country Trusts Vaccines More: America Or France?

A Syrian refugee with muscular dystrophy sits in a wheelchair as two people run toward him.WATCHLIST
Amnesty International

Conflict Zones Are Even Harder To Escape For Those With Disabilities

Pupils at Williamwood High School sit prelim exams on February 5, 2010 in Glasgow, Scotland.WATCHLIST
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Even The US Is Expected To Miss The UN's Education Goals

The South-North Korea borderWATCHLIST
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South Korea's Response To A Threat From The North Wouldn't Be Pretty

Flames rise as a fire breaks out in a factory in Bangladesh.WATCHLIST
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Bangladesh Factory Collapses After Catching Fire

U.K. Trade Secretary Liam FoxWATCHLIST
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UK Trade Minister Blames 'Lazy, Fat' Businesses For Weak Exports

A girl who was married before 18 in Nepal.WATCHLIST
Human Rights Watch

Banning Child Marriage Isn't As Simple As Passing A Law

A market vendor stacks the onions in Havana, Cuba.WATCHLIST
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Cuba Says US Trade Emargo Cost It $4.6B Last Fiscal Year

John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov in SwitzerlandWATCHLIST
U.S. Department of State

US And Russia Orchestrate Another Cease-Fire In Syria

A view of the French AlpsWATCHLIST

110 People Got Stuck In Cable Cars During A Trip To The French Alps

Palestine's President Mahmoud Abbas in the foreground at a conference table with others in the backgroundWATCHLIST
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Is Israeli Researchers' Claim Against Palestine's Leader Credible?

The announcement of North Korea's nuclear test on South Korean television.WATCHLIST
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Kim Jong-Un Pulls The Trigger On ANOTHER Nuclear Test