Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg Will Perform In An Opera — Again

She'll be a star for one night in a Washington National Opera production.



Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.WATCHLIST
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Venezuelans' Plan To Overthrow Their President Has Hit A Snag

A cross by the side of the roadWATCHLIST
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Fewer Migrants Are Crossing The US Border. So Why Are More Dying?

A sign that says "vote here" in front of a line of peopleWATCHLIST
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Early Voting Numbers Are A Good Sign For Clinton

A sheet of "I voted" stickers.WATCHLIST
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Russia Wanted To Send Monitors To Watch The US Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attend the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner.WATCHLIST
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Clinton And Trump Got Pretty Awkward During The Al Smith Dinner

Smoke billows from a combined aircraft, artillery and ground attack to recapture the village of Tiskharab from ISIS.WATCHLIST
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US Service Member Killed In Mosul Offensive

President Obama with his Blackberry.WATCHLIST
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Obama's Private Email Has Been Released

Hillary Clinton has a messaging problem on Muslim Americans.WATCHLIST

Clinton Has A Messaging Problem When It Comes To Muslim Americans

President Barack Obama exits his presidential limo.WATCHLIST
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Obama Says Affordable Care Act Needs Reform Not Repeal

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks to attendees at the Delaware County Fairgrounds on October 20, 2016.WATCHLIST
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Trump Tells Ohio Crowd He'll Accept Election Results — Sort Of

Two men wearing suits with ties sit in front of a large "Trump Pence" sign. This is a screengrab of the Facebook Live video.WATCHLIST
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Trump's FB Live During Last Debate Might Be Start Of Trump TV

President George H.W. Bush writes at a desk.WATCHLIST
George H.W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum

George H.W. Bush Showed How To Graciously Concede The Presidency

A homeless woman in New York City.WATCHLIST
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Every Month, Homeless Women Face A Real Barrier — Their Periods

A oil drilling siteWATCHLIST
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Here's Where Clinton And Trump Fall On Climate Change

A Rainbow flag flies.WATCHLIST
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UK To Pardon Thousands Of Gay Men Convicted Of Now-Outdated Offenses

Hillary Clinton at the third presidential debateWATCHLIST
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Even Under A President Clinton, The National Debt Would Still Go Up

Donald Trump at the third presidential debateWATCHLIST
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Fact Check: Do Undocumented Immigrants Pay More Taxes Than Trump?

Donald Trump stands at the podium with a microphone and talks with his hands held up. He wears a suit and tie.WATCHLIST
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Here's What Trump Has Said About The Women Accusing Him Of Assault

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the final presidential debate.WATCHLIST
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Trump Won't Say If He'll Accept Election Results. Clinton's Horrified.

Donald Trump during the third presidential debateWATCHLIST
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It Took 24 Seconds For Trump To Make A False Claim In The Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the third presidential debate.WATCHLIST
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The Candidates Share Their Thoughts On Abortion

Russian President Vladimir PutinWATCHLIST
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Who's Really A Puppet? The Presidential Candidates Point To Each Other

Donald Trump at first presidential debateWATCHLIST
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Trump's Claim That Voter Fraud Is Widespread Isn't Even A Little True

Hillary Clinton during the final presidential debate.WATCHLIST
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Clinton Calls Out The Senate For Blocking Obama's SCOTUS Nominee

Sen. Marco RubioWATCHLIST
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Rubio Says He Won't Discuss Clinton Info Published By WikiLeaks

A line of food trucks in front of Trump International Hotel in Las VegasWATCHLIST

When Trump Said He Wanted A Wall, This Isn't What He Meant

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton acknowledges the crowdWATCHLIST
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Why Vogue Officially Endorsing Hillary Clinton Is A Big Deal

Former President Bill Clinton.WATCHLIST
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Former Arkansas TV Reporter Accuses Bill Clinton Of Sexual Assault

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaks from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in the U.K.WATCHLIST
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Ecuador Shut Off Julian Assange's Internet Access

An illustration of a meteor hitting EarthWATCHLIST
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Clinton or Trump? Some Millennials Prefer A Life-Ending Meteor Strike