Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson speaks at a campaign event.

The Future Of Space Travel Is Strong With Gary Johnson

Johnson said we need to protect Earth's environment but noted the importance space exploration.



The city of JerusalemWATCHLIST
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Donald Trump Promises To Change America's Stance On Jerusalem

A composite image of Hillary Clinton and Donald TrumpWATCHLIST
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Networks Will Probably Be The Real Winners Of The Presidential Debates

Hillary Clinton with aide Philippe Reines.WATCHLIST
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Clinton's Aide Takes On The Role Of Trump During Debate Prep

The National Museum of African American HistoryWATCHLIST
National Museum of African American History

Obama Is Pretty Pumped About The New Black History Museum

An old photo of Donald Trump and Bill ClintonWATCHLIST
William J. Clinton Presidential Library

Trump's Clinton Friendship Comes Back To Bite Him On Black Outreach

President Obama speaks in the White House briefing room.WATCHLIST
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Obama's Veto Of 9/11 Bill Won't Stop Congress From Overriding It

Republican Senator Ted CruzWATCHLIST
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Ted Cruz Finally Gave In And Endorsed Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives two thumbs up to the crowd.WATCHLIST
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Obama Counters Trump's Black Communities Comment With This

Fire burns alongside people holding signs with Kim Jong-un and nuclear symbols at an anti-Kim Jong-un protest in SeoulWATCHLIST
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One Wrong Move And This Country Says It's Ready To Kill Kim Jong-Un

Bernie Sanders and his brother Larry SandersWATCHLIST
CNN, Bernie 2016

Sanders' Brother — The Original Bernie Bro

President Barack ObamaWATCHLIST
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Former Trump Official Blaming Obama For Racism Has Resigned

A NYPD officer demonstrates a stop-and-frisk incident.WATCHLIST
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Trump Suggests Using Controversial Stop-And-Frisk In Cities Beyond NYC

A woman smears blood on a police riot shield in Charlotte, North Carolina.WATCHLIST
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More Use-Of-Force Rules Could Keep Everyone Safer — Including Police

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event.WATCHLIST
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Trump Says Drugs Are A 'Very, Very Big Factor' In Charlotte Protests

Hillary ClintonWATCHLIST
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A Doctor's Note Won't Stop Speculation About Clinton's Health

Alex, a 6-year-old boy who wrote a letter to President Obama, smiles as he sits in a wooden chairWATCHLIST
The White House

This 6-Year-Old Is Giving The Whole World A Lesson On Empathy

Hillary Clinton wears a long jacket and smiles as she walks. The West Wing cast poses for photos on a red carpet.WATCHLIST
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Do Celebrity Political Endorsements Matter?

A Mars landscape is seen in a picture taken by the panoramic camera on the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit January 8, 2003.WATCHLIST
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Congress Could Make A Manned Mission To Mars Mandatory

A scene from a prisoner's strike in Nashville.WATCHLIST

Inmates Across The Country Are Striking Against 'Prison Slavery'

Rep. Mick Mulvaney questions Mylan CEO Heather Bresch.WATCHLIST

Lawmaker Says Mylan's Lobbying Opened The Door For EpiPen Scrutiny

Gary Johnson talks to a crowd of supporters at a rally.WATCHLIST
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Gary Johnson Says 2016 Will Be His Last Presidential Campaign

Don King during the Republican National Convention.WATCHLIST
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Don King Makes The Worst Possible Verbal Slip At Trump Church Rally

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the Twitter logo.WATCHLIST
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The Presidential Debates Will Break More Than Just Ratings Records

President Obama visits a Gap store in 2014.WATCHLIST
The White House

The Battle Over Obama's Overtime Law

First Lady Michelle Obama holds a microphone at SXSWWATCHLIST
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Michelle Obama Finally Responded To The Trump Plagiarism Fiasco

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.WATCHLIST
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Gary Johnson Wants To Get Rid Of The Department Of Homeland Security

Bob Schieffer moderates a debate between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.WATCHLIST
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Are Debate Moderators Responsible For Fact-Checking The Candidates?

Exterior of US Capitol.WATCHLIST
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Congress Wants To Take A Step Back From Saudi Arabia

Sen. Elizabeth Warren during a Senate hearing.WATCHLIST
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Warren Wants Wells Fargo CEO To Suffer For Phony Account Scandal

Hillary Clinton during a campaign rally.WATCHLIST
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Clinton's Email Scandal Is Back In The News Again — Because Of Reddit