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Boys play with a Stormtrooper toy from Star Wars at a Toys'R'Us store on December 24, 2015 in New York City.

You're Not The Only Person With A 'Star Wars' Password

A password-management company released the worst passwords of 2015, and some of the easiest to hack relate to "Star Wars."

  IT Security

Watchdog groups say nuclear countries need to step up cybersecurity around sensitive facilities.
Newsy / Evan Thomas

Watchdog: Nuclear Security Needs To Account For Cyberattacks

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer
Getty Images / Ethan Miller

Yahoo Will Tell You If State-Sponsored Hackers Target Your Account

Newsy / Evan Thomas

Malware, Trojans And Viruses: What's The Difference, Anyway?


Talk About Missing A Deadline: Stores Still Aren't Ready For EMV Cards

Newsy Staff

Dell's Security Certificate Debacle Sure Looks Familiar

Getty Images / Jeff J Mitchell

Paris: Perfect Excuse To Push For More Surveillance Powers

Mr. TinDC / CC BY ND 2.0

About 200K Comcast Customers Asked To Reset Passwords


You Find A Random Flash Drive. What Do You Do Next?

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan, Edward Boatman / CC BY 3.0

Symantec's Security Flub Has Google Playing Hardball


Is Two-Factor Authentication Worth The Hassle?

Getty Images / Scott Olson

Your Boarding Pass Could Be Giving Away Personal Information

Epicantus / CC BY 2.0

5 Reasons Why Your Computer Could Be Running Slowly

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

What Happens When Stolen Data Includes Fingerprints?

Getty Images / Bettina Hansen

Don't Expect Immediate Progress On US-China Cybersecurity

Newsy Staff

A US-China Cyberwarfare Treaty Won't Prevent All Breaches

Erin Pettigrew / CC BY 2.0

Is Using Public Wi-Fi A Security Risk?

Getty Images / Stephen Lam

Here's A Good Reason To Not Wait On That iOS 9 Update

Getty Images / Joe Raedle

John McAfee - Yep, That McAfee - Might Run For President


Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone Or Root Your Android?

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

College-Age Hacker's Program Turned Your Phone Into A Spy

Getty Images / Carol Court

Here Are Some Secrets Hidden In The Ashley Madison Data Dump

Getty Images / Win McNamee

IRS Breach Is Worse Than First Reported, More Than Doubles

Newsy Staff

The Flaws In The Government's Proposed Crypto Workarounds


Pentagon Breach Could Be The Latest Russia-Sponsored Hack

Newsy Staff

Stagefright Bug Triggered Unprecedented New Android Security

Getty Images / Chris McGrath

NHTSA Investigates Radio Company After Jeep Hack

Getty Images / Stephen Lam

Hackers Who've Got Your Digits Can Hack Your Android Phone

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Cars Can Be Hacked, And That's Grinding Legislators' Gears

Getty Images / Fotopress

Spam Email Is Down, But Keep Your Guard Up

Getty Images / Mark Wilson

The More We Learn About OPM Hack, The Worse It Gets