Google Sets Goal To Be 100 Percent Green By 2017

The company plans to buy enough green energy to cover 100 percent of its global operations.

  Climate Change

Former Vice President Al Gore
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Al Gore Had An 'Extremely Interesting' Meeting With Donald Trump

Hand pumps diesel fuel into car
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These Four Major Cities Want To Ban Diesel Vehicles

The Great Barrier Reef
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Australia Is Going To Spend A Lot Of Money On The Great Barrier Reef

Stephen Hawking hosts a press conference.
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Stephen Hawking Says Only Cooperation Can Save The Planet

Ivanka Trump speaking
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Ivanka Trump, Chief Climate Change Advocate?

Dairy farmer Lisa Kaiman walks on her farm in Vermont.
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Did The Paris Climate Agreement Forget About Something?

North polar vortex over the U.S.

Climate Change Is Causing A Lot Of Cold And Snow — For Now

Sea ice
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Melting Arctic Ice Could Cause Major Changes Everywhere

Donald Trump gives a speech
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Trump Could Prevent NASA From Researching Climate Change

Birds on ice
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Seabird Poop Could Help Save Arctic Sea Ice

Large iceberg that broke off of Antarctica in 2002

Sea Ice Levels Have Hit Record Lows At Both Poles

Trees in California.
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Droughts Have Seriously Damaged California's Tree Population

Barack Obama speaks during a press conference.
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The White House's New Carbon Reduction Plan Is Already In Trouble

President-elect Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd during his election night event.
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Trump Might Want To Rethink Pulling Out Of The Paris Agreement

Cracked ground in Nevada
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Looks Like 2016 Will Be The Hottest Year On Record

Donald Trump
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What Could Trump's Policies Mean For Climate Science Efforts?

An oil drill
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These Kids In Oregon Just Won A Big Climate Change Victory

Al Gore at a conference
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Al Gore Says He'll Work With Donald Trump On Climate Change

John Kerry looks at toy penguins in New Zealand
U.S. Department of State

Kerry Becomes First Secretary Of State To Visit All 7 Continents

Iceberg sits in water
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Arctic Sea Ice Is Melting, And It's Partly Your Fault

Power plant towers blow smoke
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The Paris Agreement May Not Do What It's Supposed To

Coal mine in China
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A Sharp Decline In Coal Use Fuels Drop In Carbon Intensity

Lisbon, Portugal
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By 2100, Lisbon, Portugal, Could Be A Desert

A oil drilling site
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Here's Where Clinton And Trump Fall On Climate Change

A child stands on cracked earth.
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This Climate Amendment May Have Helped Out Earth In A Big Way

A tiger, a camel and a lobster - all species at risk from climate change.
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Climate Change Could Drive 1 In 6 Species To Extinction By 2100

Flooding after Hurricane Sandy in New York City.
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Climate Change Could Put New York City Underwater More Often

illustration of a power plant with words "now what?" on a textured background
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We Still Don't Know What Capturing CO2 From Power Plants Will Do

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaks during the Climate Action 2016 Summit.
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The Paris Climate Agreement Is Good To Go

A photo of cracked Earth in Nevada.
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Southwestern US Is Headed For A Megadrought. Yeah, That's A Thing