Building A Federal Budget
Featured Series: Building A Federal Budget
Congress is working to approve a federal budget before the next fiscal year starts on Oct. 1.

"Smart Analysis" and "Smart Packaging"

June 17, 2009
In The Atlantic Monthly, Michael Hirschorn wrote an interesting piece about The Economist download star trek dvd magazine. Here's the money quote: "True, The Economist virtually never gets scoops, and the information it does provide is available elsewhere ... if you care to spend 20 hours Googling. But now that information is infinitely replicable and pervasive, original reporting will never again receive its due. The real value of The Economist lies in its smart analysis of everything it deems worth knowing - and smart packaging, which may be the last truly unique attribute in the digital age." While I am not sure I agree with Hirschorn on the original reporting front, I absolutely concur that "smart analysis of everything it deems worth knowing - and smart packaging" is enormously valuable and that overlaps very closely with our vision and goals here at Newsy. Read the full article here: Enjoy.