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How Paid YouTube Subscriptions Will Affect Your Video Watching Experience

Posted by mmcmillion
May 10, 2013

  YouTube announced Thursday that it will now offer new paid-subscription channels, which will allow channels to charge viewers for watching its content. The first channels to try out this new feature include the producers of Sesame Street, Ultimate Fighting Championship and PGA Digital Golf Academy. This new YouTube option will transform the website. Here’s what you need to know about the new feature:   Subscriptions will start at 99 cents a month with some channels offering a discounted rates for annual subscriptions. Each channel will have a 14-day free trial Paid channels begin rolling out immediately, the company said, and will be available more broadly...


Newsy Helps Meet Growing Demand for Video

Posted by Alexandra Wharton
May 8, 2013

(PRWEB) May 08, 2013  — Newsy, the multisource online and mobile video news network, has added high-quality evergreen videos to its suite of services. By creating videos for, the provider of content that helps users solve large and small needs in everyday life, Newsy helps meet the growing demand for high-quality video. Working and coordinating in real time with’s editors to identify topics, Newsy producers deliver compelling, advertising-friendly videos on subjects that range from biographical to educational to tutorial. Newsy’s team enlists the help of relevant experts such as veterinarians, auto mechanics and professors. After conducting interviews, shooting...


The Tablet Takeover Is Here — Let's Take a Look

Posted by Barbara Maningat
May 3, 2013

  The computer world is experiencing a tablet takeover - and the PC world as we know it may be fading away. At least, that’s what the latest numbers show after the first quarter this year. The latest IDC report shows a significant surge of 142.4 percent in global sales since this time last year with 49.2 million shipments the opening months of 2013, according to the latest IDC report. These numbers already surpass the total shipments for the entire first half of 2012. Design & Trend says such massive growth is due to the consumers’ preferences for small-screen devices over PCs. But the issue may not be about the rise of tablet popularity, but about the decline of PCs. Yahoo...


Living in a Smartphone World

Posted by Barbara Maningat
Apr 26, 2013

  It’s official - smartphones have taken over. The first quarter of 2013 marks the first time smartphones out-shipped feature phones. The latest International Data Corporation report shows out of the 418.6 million mobile devices shipped worldwide, smartphones claim 216.2 million - or 51.6 percent - of that tally. The smartphone market has been on the rise in the past year with a 41.6 percent improvement since the first quarter of 2012. With these stats, Mobile Marketing Daily numbers the days of the simplistic feature phones, even in emerging markets where standard devices typically hold more popularity. “This tipping point in the phone market shifts the center of power...


How MTV Is Capitalizing on the Instagram Explosion

Posted by Auburn Berry
Apr 11, 2013

  One year ago this week Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. At the time Instagram was still a relatively small mobile app for editing and sharing photos. As we look back a year later has this investment really been worth it? Instagram continues to grow under Facebook’s ownership. “Its following quadrupled to more than 100 million monthly active users, thanks in part to Instagram's expansion to Android just days before Facebook agreed to acquire it.” Mashable notes . Instagram users have seen many changes in the past year including a web-based feed, photo maps, and new filters. Many companies have jumped on the Instagram bandwagon and are benefiting...


Check out Newsy on the 'Tonight Show' with Jay Leno!

Posted by Kyle_Luke
Apr 3, 2013

We all know the 'Tonight Show' has been in the midst of controversy.  The musical chairs of who's going to be the next host has been in the news for the last month.   Well Newsy has gotten in on the action! Check out Jay Leno working up his own version of a Newsy video below.        Newsy on The 'Tonight Show' with Jay Leno from NewsyVideos on Vimeo .