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Zite Unveils Publisher Program

Posted by Matthew C.
Apr 16, 2012

  Last week, Zite unveiled its new Publisher Program , that will highlight stories from its media partners - creating publisher-specific sections to exist alongside its subject-based sections. The program is launching with eight publishers including CNN, Bleacher Report and The Huffington Post . Zite is a popular algorithm driven news app that creates a personalized, magazine-like reading experience. Zite partnering with its publishers is a win win situation for both parties, and I’m not sure why publishers had not looked into executing this model before. Clearly the aggregation and algorithm strategy has been highly successful because it delivers exactly what consumers want to see, and now...


Something to Talk About

Posted by alexwharton
Apr 14, 2011

Lately Newsy has taken to the road to spread the gospel of mobile video news. Last Saturday, VP of News Jim Flink keynoted the  Society of Professional Journalists conference in Overland Park, Kansas - explaining how journalists can thrive in the aftermath of traditional media’s demise. This includes updating skill sets to become vertically integrated in an organization and acting on the latest trends of how news stories are told and delivered. On Tuesday, Newsy President Jim Spencer spoke at the  ODNI , a national intelligence conference, about changing trends in news and information consumption and their implications for how people stay informed. On Wednesday, Spencer spoke at the  NAB  in...


The Year of the Curator

Posted by Rosa_Sow
Mar 2, 2011

  Newsy is proud to announce that the Newsy app for iPad has beat out CNN and Flipboard to win the 2011 Appy Award for news.     Newsy Wins 2011 Appy Award from NewsyVideos on Vimeo .   Since its launch in 2010, the Newsy app for iPad has garnered praise from the likes of TechCrunch , The Huffington Post and countless others. Within a week of its release, the app climbed to the number 4 spot in the App Store and is currently among the highest rated free news app available (4.5 stars!)    These accomplishments are not only a reflection the interactive functionality of the visually stunning app, but also of our unique content...


Faster Than A

Posted by Rosa_Sow
Jan 27, 2011

I think this Google commercial is genius. It forces engagement because it taps into an arcane piece of our brains. We understand the message of the ad because we live it out in the process of consuming it. We tie together the strands of information it displays and synthesize it into a greater point before the tagline even appears. We do this because this is how our brains work. As humans, everything we create mimics organic processes. Computers and mobile devices are ready examples of this and so is Google search for that matter. Amber Case hosted a TED Talks lecture fantastically titled We Are All Cyborgs Now where she outlines the argument that we use mobile technology as external pieces of ourselves. She...


Do You?

Posted by Rosa_Sow
Dec 17, 2010

Erin McPherson, head of Originals and Video Programming for Yahoo, recently laid out Yahoo's video strategy for 2011 in an interview with Beet TV. Currently Yahoo has about 25 short form video series airing regularly. Ranging in focus from 'Tech Ticker,' to the quirky news/trivia show ' Who New ?' many of the shows are "wrap ups" that offer a macro look at an issue or topic in a short video much like Newsy's Sunday Soundbite Analysis. In 2011, Yahoo is looking to expand and diversify its catalogue of shows. McPherson cites finance news and scripted shows as upcoming features on the Yahoo! content menu. While they have many category-specific news shows, Yahoo has yet to include a...